Your Genes, Your Rules: 5 Ways DNA Testing Can Optimise Your Supplement Regime

DNA Testing
Your Genes, Your Rules: 5 Ways DNA Testing Can Optimise Your Supplement Regime


  1. Introduction
  2. DNA Testing
  3. Role of Epigenetics
  4. 5 Ways DNA Testing Helps Optimise
  5. How To Do a Test
  6. Conclusion

In 30 seconds...Say goodbye to generic vitamins and hello to the future of personalized health! Your DNA is your body's ultimate cheat sheet, revealing how you uniquely metabolize nutrients. Imagine a concert where the earplugs fit just right—that's what your body deserves, a tailored symphony of nutrients. DNA tests go beyond just vitamins; they offer a deep dive into your genetic predispositions, helping you dodge health pitfalls before they happen. And it's not just about DNA; epigenetics adds another layer, fine-tuning your nutrient needs based on your lifestyle and environment. It's not just a health revolution—it's a lifestyle transformation. Ready to make your genes work for you?


Welcome to the future of personal health, where the one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition and supplementation is being thrown aggressively out the window. Now replaced by bespoke, genetically-informed personalised health strategies. DNA and epigenetic health tests are leading the way to revolutionize the approach for optimising our wellbeing.

Lets get into it.

DNA Testing: Your Personal Blueprint for Health

Think of your DNA as a unique set of instructions that govern everything about you—from the color of your eyes to how your body processes nutrients. It's akin to having a personal blueprint or, for those who enjoy a good spy movie, an ultimate undercover dossier that reveals your body's secrets.


Consider the MTHFR gene, which plays a critical role in how your body metabolizes folate, a form of vitamin B9. If you have a certain variant of this gene, your body may not effectively convert folate into its active form, leading to potential deficiencies. Knowing this, you could opt for a supplement that contains the active form of folate, bypassing the need for conversion and ensuring optimal health.

The Need for a Personalised Supplement Regime

Imagine being at a concert with a one-size-fits-all earplug that doesn't quite fit. You'd miss out on the intricate details of the music, like those sweet guitar solos. The same principle applies to your nutrient needs. Your body is like an orchestra that requires a symphony of nutrients in just the right amounts. A generic supplement regime is like that ill-fitting earplug—it just won't do.

How Genetics Influence Your Supplement Choices

Ever wondered why you and a friend can take the same vitamin supplement, yet experience different effects? That's your genes at work. Genetic variations can significantly influence how your body absorbs and metabolises nutrients.

Vitamin D

Take Vitamin D, for instance. Some people have a genetic variant that makes them less efficient at converting sunlight into Vitamin D. If you're one of them, you might need a higher dose of Vitamin D supplements to maintain optimal levels, especially if you live in a region with limited sunlight.

The Role of Epigenetics in Personalised Supplementation

Epigenetics takes the concept of personalised health to the next level. It's the study of changes in gene expression that occur without altering the underlying DNA sequence. Think of it as a highly intelligent weather forecast for your body, predicting what nutrients you'll need based on external factors like lifestyle, stress, and environment.

Antioxidants to combat pollution

Let's say you live in a polluted city. Epigenetic changes might cause your body to require more antioxidants to combat the effects of pollution. Knowing this, you could tailor your supplement regime to include higher doses of antioxidants like Vitamin C and E.

The Five Ways DNA Testing Can Optimise Your Supplement Regime

So, how does a DNA + Epigenetic Health Test help you hit the bullseye with your supplement regime? Good question. 

1. Personalised Recommendations

One of the most significant advantages of DNA testing is the ability to offer personalized recommendations. Imagine having a personal nutritionist who knows your body at a molecular level. It's that, but with an added layer of genetic understanding.

Your DNA can reveal specific nutrient needs that your body has, based on your genetic variations. For instance, some people may have a genetic predisposition that affects their ability to metabolise vitamin B12 effectively. This means that even if they're consuming enough B12 through their diet or regular supplements, their body may not be absorbing it properly, leading to a deficiency.

Through a DNA test, such genetic variations can be identified, and specific recommendations can be made to address these unique needs. This could mean recommending a higher dosage of B12 or suggesting a different form of the vitamin that is more easily absorbed by those with this genetic variation.

No more guessing games.

2. Avoiding Over-Supplementation

DNA testing can also help prevent over-supplementation. It's not uncommon for people to take more supplements than they need, believing that "more is better." However, this is not always the case. Certain vitamins, when consumed in excess, can lead to adverse health effects.

For example, consuming too much vitamin A can lead to dizziness, nausea, and even hair loss. However, a DNA test can reveal how effectively your body metabolizes different nutrients, helping to tailor your supplement regime to ensure you get what you need - no more, no less.

3. Preventive Health & Reducing Disease Risk

DNA testing can also provide insights into your genetic predisposition to certain health conditions. For instance, some people might have a genetic variation that increases their risk for conditions like osteoporosis or heart disease.

Knowing this information can allow you to take preventive measures, including making specific changes to your supplement regime. For example, if your DNA test reveals an increased risk for osteoporosis, it could be beneficial to include more calcium and vitamin D in your supplement routine.

4. Optimised Dosages

Determining the right dosage of supplements can often feel like a guessing game. However, DNA testing can provide insights into how your body metabolizes different nutrients, which can help determine the most effective dosage for your body.

This means you'll be able to maximise the benefits of each supplement you take, without the risk of taking too much or too little. It's all about finding the "Goldilocks zone" for your supplement regime - not too much, not too little, but just right.

5. Understanding Absorption & Metabolism

Finally, DNA testing can offer valuable insights into how your body absorbs and metabolises different nutrients. Everyone's body processes nutrients differently, and these differences can have a significant impact on your overall health.

For example, some people may have a genetic variation that affects their body's ability to absorb iron, leading to a higher risk of iron deficiency anemia. By understanding these unique genetic traits, you can make more informed decisions about your supplement regime, ensuring that your body gets the nutrients it needs in a form that it can effectively use.

The DNA & Epigenetic Health Testing Process

Curious about how to get this ball rolling? Let's walk you through the easy process of taking a DNA + Epigenetic Health Test.

Step 1: Ordering Your Test

The first step is just a click away. Simply visit our website and select the DNA + Epigenetic Health Test. Once you've made your purchase, your test kit will be promptly shipped to your address. It's as straightforward as online shopping crocs, but with a slightly more profound impact on your life.

Step 2: Providing Your Sample

We just need your spit. Once you receive your test kit, you'll find everything you need to provide a saliva sample. Rest assured, the process is entirely non-invasive and can be done comfortably at home. Just follow the instructions included in the kit to collect your sample. It's as easy as spitting into a tube - no needles, no fuss.

Step 3: Sending Your Sample

After you've collected your sample, all you need to do is send it back to us using the prepaid return package provided. Simply drop it off at a post office or if you dont want to see people, drop it in one of the local post boxes as yes, they still get used. Once we receive your sample, it's time for our team of experts to work their magic.

Step 4: Analysing Your DNA

Your saliva sample contains valuable DNA information. We use cutting-edge technology to analyze your sample and decode the secrets hidden in your genes. Our experts scrutinise each genetic variation to understand your unique nutrient needs.

Step 5: Receiving Your Results

Once your DNA has been analysed, we'll compile the findings into an easy-to-understand report. This report will be accessible through our mobile app. Our app also simplifies the report & displays the key findings broken down into easy to understand sections. DNA (Physical, Diet, Vitamins) & Epigenetics (Biological Ages). It's like getting a personalised health book written just for you.

Step 6: Tailoring Your Supplement Regime

But we don't stop at providing results. The real magic happens when we use these insights to craft a personalised supplement regime tailored to your unique genetic makeup. We consider your genetic data along with your lifestyle and dietary preferences to suggest supplements, backed by scientific studies, that provide the best chance to boost your health the most.


The world of genetics and epigenetics is like an intricate dance, dictating how our bodies interact with nutrients. With DNA testing, we're not just personalizing your health; we're revolutionising it.

At this point I'm presuming you are sold & ready to embark. We look forward to helping you dive into a world where your health decisions are informed, precise, and effective. Your genes, your rules.